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International Workshop on Anti-Poverty in Karst Areas of Southwest China
2012-05-31 15:05   审核人:   (Click: )

(Illustration:International Workshop on Anti-Poverty in Karst Areas of Southwest China was held in Guizhou Normal University on July 7th,2011.)

July 7, 2011 the international academic conference about anti-poverty in Karst area of Southwest China is held by Karst Ecological Civilization Research Center, Policy Research Office belonging to CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee and Office to help the poor in Multi-function Hall of Tian Jiang-bing Education College. More than 80 people take part in this meeting, including scholars from abroad. The leader of CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee Wang Fu-yu and academician of Chinese Academy of Science Ou Yang-zi yuan send congratulation letter. Guangming Daily, Guizhou Daily, People’s Daily Online and GZTV report it.

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