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Director: Yang Bin ( Professor, PhD)


Vice director: Xiong Kangning ( Professor, Master)


Zhang Xiaosong ( Professor, PhD)


Yin Hongmei ( Professor, Master)


Lu Ping ( Professor, Master)


Member of the academic committee:


Director: Lu Yaoru


Vice director: bear, Gong Xiaokuan, Yang Bin Corelle


Committee members: Yin Hongmei, Lu Ping, Zhu Weihua, Chen Guoan, Shi Jizhong


" Karst ecological civilization studies" editorial committee members:


Director: Wu Pengcheng


Deputy director: Cai Yongsheng, Liu Zhaojun,


Committee members: Blue Yong, Yang Bin, bear Corelle, Yin Hongmei, Lu Ping


Editorial: Yang Bin, bear Corelle, Yin Hongmei, Lu Ping


Office member:


Chen Jing Wu Yi


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