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The Institute for Ecological Civilization of Karst Area(IECKA),Guizhou Normal University is a social science research base of Guizhou province. IECKA is a science research institution for multi-fields social science, which includes geography, ethnology, botany, ecology, economics, sociology, history, management science and arts. IECKA holds the scientific outlook on development as the guidance and innovation as the developing force, with the in-depth implementation of the western development strategy as an opportunity and strengthening the scientific research at the same time and also attaches great importance to social services and personnel training both at time.

IECKA now has staff of 25 people, including1 academicians, 5 experts with special allowance of the State Council, 1 talents Engineering National candidate, Ministry of education, 1 expert with the program for new century excellent candidates, 1 Guizhou province core expert , 7 experts of Guizhou Province, 3 experts hold the title Guizhou Province outstanding youth science and technology personnel people, 3 experts hold the title Guizhou province university philosophy social science academic leaders. There are20 professors,5 associate professors in total, 9 of them(including part-time ) are tutor of doctoral students,20 of them are doctor, 4 of them are master.

IECKA has finished 134 projects in recently 3 years, 13 of which were national social science and natural science fund project, 54 of which were provincial project. The fund for science research is¥53 832 600 in total. 14 books and 168 papers has been published, as well as 16 prizes achieved. IECKA has our own publications calledKarst Ecological CivilizationandKarst Ecological Civilization Studies Series. In 2011, the center also launched independent bidding projects and 15 projects have been approved by now.

The centre has four stable research direction: Karst's ecological environment protection and comprehensive control of rocky desertification research, Karst ecological economy and anti poverty research, southwest culture heritage protection and social development and ecological civilization information system and statistic decision-making research.

The center has independent office space, library and laboratory, covering an area of 1000square meters. Professor Yang Bin is the head-director of IECKA. Vice directors are Professor Xiong Kangning, Professor Zhang Xiaosong, Professor Yin Hongmei and Professor Lv Ping.

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