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(1)Karst's ecological environment protection and comprehensive control of rocky desertification research

China Southern Area of Karst as the background, aim at the Karst environmental and ecological science, according to the national and regional economic and social development of significant demand, the basic characteristics of Karst environment, human relations and evolution mechanism, combined with the world and national natural heritage protection and rocky desertification control project, conducted in Karst environmental management and ecological protection technology research and teaching mode of the construction of demonstration base.

(2) Karst ecological economic and anti-poverty research

Mainly from the economics, management science, sociology, demography, history and other branches of research perspective, Karst area environmental change and economic activities between rocky desertification, seek the economic social causes, explores the human and the nature harmonious development mode and scientific practice.

(3)the direction of southwest zoology culture heritage protection and social development research

China Southern Karst area regional research background, ecological culture, national culture, social and cultural development as the research area, to the protection of cultural diversity, the person harmonious development as the goal, to highlight the human cultural heritage research, rescue, protection and utilization of research, build demonstrative base.

(4)ecological civilization information system and statistic decision-making research

The direction from geography, economics, ecology, systematics, statistical decision and other comprehensive multidisciplinary perspective, is committed to the Karst region ecological civilization construction of information system, geographic information system and remote sensing, resource environment, city development, population structure, regional economy, statistics, decision support and other aspects of the research, research a kind of more suitable for Karst ecological civilization construction of the information system for Karst region, ecological, economic and social development to provide scientific decision-making support.

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