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Li Xiaona
2012-04-06 11:13   审核人:   (Click: )

Li Xiaona,associate professor of Institute of South China Karst

Academic field:

Ecological environment protection in Karst area, comprehensive prevention and control on Karst Rock-desertification


“Antimicrobial activity of stem and leaf extracts from three species of the Magnoliaceae”, Journal of Nanjing University (Natural Sciences), Vol.2, 2010

“A study on ecological characteristics of bryophytes in three karst river valleys, Luoping County, Yunnan Province”, Journal of Guizhou Normal University (Natural Sciences), Vol.4, 2010

“Biodiversity and world heritage values of Shibing dolomite karst area in Qiandongnan”, Journal of Guizhou Normal University (Natural Sciences), Vol.3, 2010

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