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Ouyang Enliang
2012-04-06 11:30   审核人:   (Click: )

Ouyang Enliang,professor of School of History and Politics

Academic field:

Ecological economy and anti-poverty in Karst area


“On Several Issues Of The Relationship Between The Secret Societies And the Xihai Revolution: Evidence from Southwest Paoge”, Journal of Shandong University (Philosophy and Social Sciences), Vol.5, 2011

“On the Chinese Secret Society’ Understanding and Practice by Mao Zedong during the Democratic revolution time”, Hebei Academic Journal, Vol.1, 2011

“On Compilation of the Textbook ‘History of Ideological and Political Education of CPC’”, Teaching and Research, Vol.11, 2010

“The Five Relations on the Teaching of ‘Outline of Chinese Modern History’”, Journal of Guizhou Normal University (Social Science), Vol.5, 2010

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