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Yin Hongmei
2012-04-06 11:31   审核人:   (Click: )

Yin Hongmei, professor of School of Geographic and Environmental Science

Academic field:

Protection on ecological and cultural heritage and social development in southwest china


“Research on Construction Model of Rural Tourism Eliminating Poverty in Poor Areas of  Guizhou Province”, Guizhou Agricultural Sciences, Vol.10, 2011

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“The Quantitatively Comprehensive Evaluation of Tourism Development in Minority Counties: Taking 16 Minority Counties of the Miao and Dong Minorities Autonomous Prefecture of Southeast Guizhou as an Example”, Progress in Geography, Vol. 10, 2010

“Current Development Situation and Countermeasures of Rural Tourism Industrial Cluster in Guiyang City”, Guizhou Agricultural Sciences, Vol.11, 2010

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