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Li Xudong
2012-04-06 11:40   审核人:   (Click: )

Li Xudong, professor of Institute of South China Karst

Academic field:

Ecological civilization information system and statistical decision making


“Analysis of Measurement and Coordination between Urbanization Development and Farmland Resources in Guizhou Province”, Population Journal, Vol.1, 2011

“The Dynamic Relationship between Urbanization and Farmland in Guizhou Province and its Coordination”, Journal of Nanjing College for Population Programme Management, Vol.1, 2011

“A Study on Urban System Structure and Its Fractal Model in Wumeng Mountainous Area of Guizhou”, Journal of Guizhou Normal University (Social Science), Vol.6, 2010

“An Empirical Study on Population Aging, Economic Growth, Pension Insurance Expenditure in Guizhou Province”, Northwest Population Journal, Vol.6, 2010

“Empirical Analysis on the Effect of Population Growth and Economic Development on Cultivated Land Resources in Guizhou Province”, Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences, Vol.14, 2010

“Cointegration and Error Correction Modeling of Agriculture, Government Spending on Agriculture, Non-agricultural Employment and Farmers Income in Guizhou”, Journal of Nanjing College for Population Programme Management, Vol.3, 2010


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